How The Financial Debt Contributes To College Anxiety

For many, college is the biggest source of anxiety out there, and it’s when they first meet their anxieties and who knows when they are going to leave it.

And college is truly a source of anxiety by design, even if all of the professors are kind and friendly, and in this article we are going to mention some of the reasons why college is one of the biggest sources of anxiety.

Financial Debt

Debt, that is the first reason why college is a stress. You are going into debt in order to be in that place and it’s one of the worst debts person can take.

Imagine yourself going into debt to purchase a car that you like, the tiniest scratch on the car won’t make you happy. Now imagine yourself a student who is talking loans to be in college, each grade that affects your GPA will feel like the scratch on the car.

What Does College Anxity Look Like

You have to say welcome to your newest – an unwanted- friend in college : Anxiety.

during college and in every qiuzz and exam you’re going to meet this friend.

it’s going to calculate how close you are to every disastrous possibilty, and with every test it’s going to remind you that you are going to be poor for ever and no one is going to recruit you with your shitty GPA score.

You are not alone my dear in the face of this monster, we are all facing it, but everyone on his own.

First Things First

The first thing that gets sacrificed in college is sleep.

In the rush of projects, quizzes and deadlines sleep gets sacrified in order to fulfill all of those requirments, which may lead to a disaster.

Lack of sleep will ultimately lead to burnout and may lead to depression and anxiety.

The pressure of the deadlines is still there and won’t go away but your ability to keep up with has disappeared, you can’t do it any more an all you want is to sleep, but you fight your istincst and keep going with what lead to the disaster.

The bunch line here is to never sacrifice sleep, I will tell you why in a more thorough article.